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     We had the BEST time on the cruise! Everything went GREAT! Our rooms were all close together, which was good. There was so much to do and see the whole time...NO time to rest ~*giggle*~
     Our first night at dinner was great...just a glimpse of what we would be eating all week. After dinner we looked around the ship for while then all decided to go to bed, we had gotten up early that morning.
     Our day at sea was full of lot of activities!  A party and games on the Lido Deck, the casino was open, duty free shopping to be done ect... And the FOOD...OH my!
      That night was the Captains cocktails and dinner. Everyone got dressed and went to take pictures. Then it was cocktail time. We got to meet the Captain and all the ship mates. Then it was time to eat! Lovie and had beef wellington, it was very good, a lil under cook on the pastry but good. The dessert OH MY GOODNESS! Warm Chocolate Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice scream! Make ya eyes roll back in your head!
     Our first stop was Progreso, Mexico. It was a small, poor town, but it was rice in culture. Lovie and I choose to go to Yucatan Reef Resort. This included, a buffet, a open bar, beach chairs, a pool, and a stop at some Mayan Ruins. It was wonderful!
     Our next stop was Cozumel...FUN! Daddy, Momma, Lovie and myself went to Mr. Sancho's Beach Club. We settled in with some lounge chairs and a table with chairs. We ordered lunch and ate on the beach...Oh my it was soooooo yummmy! True Mexican cookin'!
     Momma and I lounged in our chairs to let our food settle while Lovie and Daddy went out in the water for a lil. Then it was time for Lovie and I to leave for our snorkeling trip! We got Momma and Daddy settled and headed out...We got in the boat with five other people that we thought were going to snorkel also, but the mom was not going in. We had a driver and a guide with us. We stopped over a reef and jumped in!
     Out of five of us only four of us made it IN the water and only three STAYED in the water!  Lovie and I loved every minute of it! It was beautiful...Surreal. I was tired when it was time to go in but wasn't ready for it to be over! I can't wait to do it again...Only 173 days to go!!! YAHOOO!

Wanna see some pics? Click the deep blue sea!




Have a giggly night!

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