A joy I will never know and a pain I will never have to feel...

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     This has been a very long week...Today while a friend of mine is burring her son, I find out that another friend of mine lost her daughter. I can not imagine what these parents are going through right now.
     Yeah I get jealous of people that have been blessed of having children...And I know that sounds VERRA selfish, but it is hard to sit back and watch some people that treat their lil ones badly knowing you would love to have just one!
     My heart is broken for my friends...I know you are not suppose to ask why, but it hard not to wonder why...WHY!?!
     We ALL need to live each day as it may be our last day on this earth. Love our FAMILY and friends and celebrate them to the fullest as much as possible! You never know when the ones you love will slip away from you and you will not get another chance to say I love you, or just Hello. Live, Love and Laugh as much as possible, it might be your last minutes to do it!


Rest in Peace

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