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    Lovie and I started tanning Monday! YAHOOO! Now we will not be BLEACH WHITE for the cruise in May! Well...We (I should say LOVIE told the girl) did 12 minutes Friday...I got a lil pink and he is BURNT! I told him that was too long! Poor thing will probably not be able to go Monday and Tuesday. But I WILL!
     Lovie cleaned the pool today...It is all ready for the sun to heat the water and us to get in when the weather warms up more! yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am SO ready to lounge in the pool all afternoon and listen to the radio! SUMMER!
     We went to Grand Isle last weekend. MY and my BFF's first time there! Her hubby had been down there all week with work deep sea fishing and then with us all weekend! What a work week! We caught some great fish!
     We fished Friday afternoon under a bridge ( our guide was not there yet to take us out in the boat ) We caught some small red fish, none were keepers but it was fun! The wind was so bad! I was shocked we caught anything!
     Saturday morning we meet up with our guide and headed out to a damn that he goes to to catch reds. We  caught close to our limit. My BFF would have had the BIGGEST but her line broke!  We left there took the ice chest back to the camper and got another and headed out to catch trout over a ouster bed. We were reeling the trout in as fast as we could! We got close to our limit for all five of us on them too!
      The ride in the boat was COLD, we all had to bundle up! We were headed back in and I was all wrapped up with my head stuck down in my blanket and I heard "Where are they"! I started peeling layers off! My BFF and hubby were not behind us anymore! OMG! We turned around and headed back...We found them a few minutes back, they had ran out of gas! My heart was beating like crazy! We had to tow them back in the rest of the way and the sun was going down!
      The boys dropped us off and picked up the red fish and went to our friends (our guide) camp to clean all the fish. We took our baths and and TRIED to get warm! We both were chilled to the bone! The boys came back started the grill then went to the bathhouse to bath, they SMELLED really fishy!
     They both were hot and we were cold! Thank goodness they were outside cooking most of the time! They cooked red fish and asparagus on the grill. Garlic and broccoli pasta and bread sticks. It all was VERRA yummy, we all were OVER stuffed and really sleepy after that meal! We sleep great!
      Sunday morning we packed up and headed out...We had planned on stopping to grab a bite to eat on the way out. My BFF called and said "we have tire trouble"...We turned around and headed back to them. The tire on the boat trailer was the one with troubles...Something more than just changing the tire...Don't ask me! ~*giggle*~ All I know is we had to go to a part store and get parts to replace something. The boys got it fixed and we headed out again...It's ALWAYS a adventure with us four!

Brrr willie is was chillie!

Isn't that pretty!

Well...It's that time...BB9 after dark and time to read, going to the camp tomorrow to fix the stirring on the party boat...I will be fishing! Have a giggly night and sweet dreams!


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