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     Lovie read on the net that the heating pad is pro-longing my pain in my back! UGH...I am SOOO cutting the cord on our relationship! It's over between us! I have a collapsed disc, and every now and then it gets herniated....So, I have a new love...ICY HOT! I pray this pain and the inflammation will go away soon!
     Today my niece had to go to the doctor for a check up, we thought they were going to tell her what she is having! My momma called me and said "She's having twins!" My heart skipped a beat! I scream WHAT! Momma was laughing! She said "not really they have to wait two more week to tell her"! UGHHHH...That was just mean! ~*giggle*~ I can not wait to be a GREAT AUNT!
     We are going on our first trip to Grand Isle in a couple weeks! I have always wanted to go down there! Our friends TnT are going with us. I can not wait to reel in my first red fish!!! YAHOOO..Fishin' time!!! Well, have a giggly night time to watch recorded shows! Leave some love on my tag board or a comment below!



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  1. Hi, There!
    Sorry to hear your back has been such a PITA!!! Hope you get better real soon!

    I loved seeing your pictures! And, what a cool idea to have your own thing! LOL

    You sound kinda in the same mood I'm in...blah...I need to run away me I wish!

    Have a great week!


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