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I will be glad when the presidential election is over! I can't choose which to vote for...So I guess it will be ennie-meanie-minie-moo for my vote! UGH! VOTE for Pedro!

We went to the river camp the past Saturday for the day. Lovie's mom is her to help her sister, she broke her elbow...OUCH! We got up early so we could have breakfast at Waffle House...The service was pretty typical, but the food was great! Lovie and Pawpaw fried fish out of the pier...YUM-ME! We played cards after dinner for a while then headed home...It was a great day!

Sunday we went to Lovie's dad's then to my parents. And of course we had to go to the Wally World ~*giggle*~ It wasn't a really busy weekend, but one filled with family and love! What more can you ask for!

We are going to the camp again this weekend with friends. The weather has been beautiful, well of course a cool front and rain is coming right in time for the weekend! But we will still have fun, may not bring the boats, but we can take out the party boat!

Gotta get my Domestic Diva fannie in gear around here...So...Have a giggly day!

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