Can't sleep...On Valentine's Eve

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     I can't sleep...My throat hurts and I have a million things roaming around in my head! I sometimes miss parts of my old life, but that is a chapter I had to finish and move on from. It was eating me alive and making me a very ugly person.  I had not intentions of hurting any of the people I care about along the way, I was not myself. I was read my past blog entries and I was in tears to read my cry's out for help...I didn't even realize. 
   I have grown so much over the past year. I enjoy going to see my doctor for "our talks"...~*giggle*~ He has taught me a lot and showed me some tricks to keep myself happy. I am so blessed that I found him. I was in the WRONG place about to see the WRONG doctor when the nurse started asking questions and got me in with my doctor. I am so grateful to the nurse and my doc!
    Lovie has been my biggest support. He has been through a lot with me. But he has never turn his back, shut his eyes or closed his ears to me. He is truly my prince in shining armor! I am the luckiest girl in the world!
    In the spirit of St. Valentine's Day it brightens my heart that I will be surrounded by family tomorrow night and friends for the weekend. But a piece of my heart is still missing during this time of love. I don't know what more I can do about it...

Happy Valentine's

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