Me and my heating pads...BFF's?!?!

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    Yeap! You guess it...I am on the heating pad AGAIN! I didn't think my back would take this long to get better! I hope it is better before for cruise in MAY! UGH!
    We went to dinner last night with two couples (one had their lil boy with them). We went to Out Back, the food was good, but the chocolate martinis were even better! ~*giggle*~ We all had so much fun, it was a great night out!
    I ordered a dress for one of our formal dinner on the cruise from Cold Water Creek. I was SOOO excited about it, I had seen it a few months back and it was on sale! Well today I check my order and they are out of them...I was BUMMED! So now I am back to square one! I need one for the May cruise and two for the November cruise, have to keep shopping! I have bought several thing already...But I can always use more! ~*giggle*~
    Well  it's TV time...I am snuggled down (on my heating pad) in my nest for the night...Hope you have a giggly rest of your Sunday!


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