Mardi Gras Mambo time again...

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Yeap, it's that time a year again...Parades, good food, family & friends and THROWS!!! It's Mardi Gras season! We missed the boat parade this year, we had a 40th birthday party that was more important! But we will be hitting some parade this year! Something we have not had a chance to do in a while! I am VERRA excited! Here is a link to learn about Mardi Gras ~~> click HERE

Lovie and I have one month left as of the first to pick three place we want to go on our trip he won. We have to choose three incase they can't get us in at one, yada, yada...Aruba is our first pick, not sure on the other two yet, we have to get our heads together on those! But they will also be tropical locations, we want to just lay on the beach and do NOTHING! ~*giggle*~

I am in a BLAH mood today because...I really don't know why. I could have stayed in the bed all day with the covers over my head. But I didn't, I did my normal routine. My mind feels heavy, with a million things floating around in it, but I can't make out one from another. I don't like feeling like this...UGH! I need to clear my mind!

Well it is TV time, like there is anything on with the writers strike! BLAH! Can't wait for Big Brother to start! Have a giggly night!


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