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my back hurts and I am tired from ironing and putting away clothes! UGH! I need a maid!


My house is clean, everything is in it's place, all the wash is done, folded ironed and put away...Now my back hurts VERRA bad! I THOUGHT it had gotten better and I could get some things done, well I thought like Andy I guess! Now I am in my nest with the heating pad and took pain meds! I will be so glad when my disc gets back to normal.

I got my new swimsuit in today! YAHOO! I had found it last year on LandsEnd, but I couldn't make myself pay over $100 for a swimsuit...Sooooo...I got it on clearance for $49.00! YEAH ME! Now I am ready for our cruise's and Aruba! BEACH BOND!

My meds are kicking in so I am going to lay down for a bit...Have a giggly rest of your day!


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  1. awww, hope you are feeling much better SOON!!!
    Your cruise will be so awesome!!!!
    Hubby and I went to an Inside Passage Alaskan cruise in 1999. It was awesome!!!
    Where are you going and on what lines? We were on Holland America....did I say


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