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In five days I will be 40 years old...I am happy, healthy, and have a wonderful family, what more could I ask for? I am living my life the way I want it, I have regrets, I have made some mistakes, but we all have, no one is perfect. But as for now my life is in a place that makes me smile, it is peaceful, fun and I laugh more often now. There are some people missing in my life that I would love to have share in my changes, but I can not make those chooses for them. I am HAPPY, I am thinking of ME and Lovie right now, that is something I have always put on the back burner, not anymore...

We got the camper partly ready today for this weekend. Our friends TnT are going with us along with my family and more friends. Also there are some friend that will meet us there for the day. We will be going to a festival also and celebrating my 40th! FUN...FUN...FUN!

Big Brother has gotten SOOOOO boring! All they do is complain, eat, sleep, talk about the game, they are BORING! UGHHHHHH! But I am hanging in there, MAYBE something exciting will happen!

Well I am off to my nest...See what I have to watch on MY TV...FOOTBALL and some strange movie is not my cup of tea tonight! Have a giggly one!

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