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On this day 38 years ago my grandfather ( my mommas daddy) passed away. He had came home from work and ate his supper, his sister that lived in Baton Rouge called and said their sister from North Louisiana was down visiting and she wanted to come to his house the next afternoon, so Pawpaw went outside to manicure the lawn to have everything looking just right for his sister. He mowed for a bit and Mawmaw brought him a glass of ice water...He sat down and drank it and went back to mowing the grass. He fell in the ditch with a heat stroke and passed away.
I was only two years old, so I am sad to say I do not remember him at all. His death at 57 years old was very hard on my Momma, it was sudden, he was young and it didn't seem like his time to go. It took her a long time to grieve the loss of her daddy. My heart still breaks for her. Rest in Peace Pawpaw Haire, I love you very much.

I have not mentioned anything about this in my blog, but I have lost 25 lbs! It has been a slow process, but I am getting there. I am feeling more confident with myself these days...I am wearing clothes that I had stuck in the top of the closet that I thought I would NEVER get back into again, and they are a little big on me!
Lovie is right there with me too...He has lost 30 lbs! His clothes are falling off him! I have been buying clothes, he hasn't bought many yet! ~*giggle*~ I still have a ways to go, but I am going to do it!

Well Big Brother has been recording long enough for us to pass the commercials! So have a great night, and remember to giggly!

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  1. Hi, Jeauxdi!
    I 'lost' you, and found ya, again! I saw you were linked on Nancze's site.
    I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures!
    Hope you have a 'verra' AWESOME birthday!!!!
    40 is great!!! trust me! I am 52, now! yikes! hehehe *actually, 50 was great, too!*
    I will bookmark you this time! So, you won't get 'lost' again!


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