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Our Labor Day / MY birthday weekend started out Friday afternoon getting to the campground and getting set up. As we pulled in we ran into a big group that we know from camping over the years! We new right off it was going to be even more fun than we thought!
We parked and then introduced TnT to the family, then it was time to get the camper set up. After we all four cooled off. Momma called and told us they all were about to head over to the festival, did we want to go, but we were too hot so we caught up with them a lil later.
We freshened up and headed out...They had everything you could think of at this festival. We looked a a few crafts and ran into my sis and Momma, the told us were they were sitting at for the music and they were looking at the craft a lil more, so we headed over to the music! We stopped to get us a hurricane that were heard about. We ended up with four when we only paid for three...OOOPPSS! Lovie was our DD.
The first sip was UN-REAL...It was like airplane fuel....WOWIE! 30ozs to go! By the fifth sip we were tipsy! ~*giggle*~ I have never had a hurricane taste like that or have that effect on me! Can we say STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! They LOST money on those things! But we got giggly and had a great time!
Saturday morning TnT headed out in their boat to fish. I tried to get up but feel back asleep on my bed...oops, that hurricane whipped me out! Lovie and I got dressed and set up our dining canopy and my bro-in-law and we all sat down for a visit. We were right on the water, it was nice.
TnT got back with about 25 catfish that were really big! They did great! We went inside for to have lunch and for them to cool off. Lovie and T had to go buy an ice chest for the fish. The other T laid down for a bit.
Love got make birthday stuff together...I had to stay in the camper! When I was allowed to come out there were several gifts wrapped in the same paper! Hmmmmmmm...The wind kicked up pretty good and it made it hard to get the candles lit, thank goodness there were not forty of them!
Lovie handed me my first gift and it was just a card from him, he told me that is all he got me. Then my sister and bro-in-law gave me a necklace and earrings, Fleur de Li's, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Next I got MONEY from my parents!!! $$ Next I got a wireless keyboard and mouse from Lovie (he fooled me!), and a LAPTOP!!!! He really pulled one over on me with the help of TnT!!! He also gave me a new router, and a wireless printer!!! Had it all shipped to TnT's house! They were all in on it! TnT gave me a Vera Bradley laptop case I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! THEN......We ate CAKE!
We all got out baths and got dressed to head to the festival again...But it rained! What a muddy mess! The park where the music was was really muddy! So we stayed clear of it! We got something to eat and listen to the Molly Ringwalds! THEY ROCKED! Then we rode around town for a bit then headed back to the camper to watch a movie.
Sunday morning we all four went fishing and caught a lot of catfish! It was HOT but the breeze was great! We came back and cooled off and I feel asleep, OPPS! TnT went back out fishing, then they packed up to head home.
Lovie and I headed to town to have Danny's fried chicken a childhood memory of both of ours! It was GREAT! Afterwords I snuggled down in my bed with my new laptop and watched a movie!!! I LOVE my laptop!
Monday (MY bday!) morning we got up got dressed and packed up to head home. I had the BEST birthday I could have ever had! It was a blast! Oh and Labor Day too ~*giggle*~ Hope your holiday weekend was great too! No I will leave you with pics...

Have a piece of cake and see more pics...Click the cake!

Have a giggly night!

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  1. Hi! Hope you are doing good and are planning a fun weekend! I feel a nip in the air around my town....fall will be here soon!

    Anyway, you need to stop by my blog....I have a surprise for you! LOL

    You've been tagged!


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