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We have been running and running and running! Lovie's sister and family came in from Georgia, so we all went to the river camp for some water fun! They have three lil ones and it was the middles ones birthday the weekend before. Lovie and I got her together a SURPRISE Tink birthday party! And of course we had gifties for the other two, can't leave them out! I mean that is what nieces and nephews are for SPOILING!

The look on her face when she walked in the door was priceless! She was verra surprised! She had NO idea! We had her open one gift first that was a crow and wand that has lights on it (Disney Princess's OF COURSE!) After the princess placed the crown on her head she began opening her gifts, and then we had her blow out her candles after making a wish! It was a great birthday party if I may say so myself...seeing how Lovie and I have never thrown a child's birthday party!

Wanna see pics? Click on Tink and fly on over to see!

The kids had a great time swimming in the river. We were not catching fish and really were not trying with the lil ones swimming. We played cards, watched movies, and stayed up was a blast!

The shoe fairie can and left me a lil prize while I was gone to the camp! I must have been a good girl!!! HEHEEHE...

You may have noticed I changed the look of my page! Well my 40th birthday is coming up!!! September 3rd! We are going out of town for that weekend with my family and some friends, we are going to have a great time! Don't forget to leave me LOTS of birthday wishes on my Tag Board, on my MySpace page or in my comments below!

Gotta go...It's Thursday...Eviction night!!!! Gotta love Big Brother! Have a giggly night!

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