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Lovie did not have a good start to his day! His "rolling office" is sick and need some TLC, Lovie just has not had enough free time to get to it, so he has been using my truck. Well he left out this morning and it just was not running right and he was hearing air leaking from "somewhere". So he called our mechanic to ask him what it could be, he told him what it was, so....Lovie went to the auto parts store and bought the part. He came home changed clothes and went out to work on it, come to find out the part was not bad the hose had slipped off (please don't ask me what it was I have not a clue!), so he put it back on and it is running great again! Phew! Thank goodness!

Saturday night we went on a "double date" with TnT. We ate dinner at Chili's and then went to see I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry...OMG that was the funniest movie I have seen in a long time! We were rolling laughing! After dinner we had a while to kill before the movie...Sooo the boys took us to Kohl's! BIG mistake on their part! We were in LOVE, neither of us have had a chance to get over there yet...We had FUN! Found A LOT of great deals!!! For a rushed shopping spree we racked up! ~*giggle*~

The "boys" had FUN with dessert...

The shoe faerie came to visit me the other day and he left me a lil lagniappe! Check it out!

A NEW PHONE!!! I was SOOO excited!

Well gotta run...It's Thursday...Eviction night on Big Brother!!! Have a giggly night your way!


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