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Happy Memorial Day

I hope you enjoyed you Memorial Day weekend! We sure enjoyed ours! We went to the camp Friday afternoon...Lovie's Dad and family were coming out.
We got everything un-packed and got things ready for everyone to arrive the next morning bright and early! So we headed to bed around 10 PM. They rolled in around 6 AM!
The guys got ready to go fishing, and us girls got coffee and sat on the porch to catch up. The boys headed out for a morning of fishing...Lil Miss. Paige couldn't understand "WHY" she couldn't go! She wanted to ride in the boat BAD!
We went on the pier after getting Paige in her life jacket to fish and visit more. It was so nice...But it always is on the pier, there is always a breeze! The fish were not biting verra well...We had a unusual high tide which caused the river to rise by two foot! But we had fun trying!
The guys came back with a few fish, sun burns and empty bellies! We got them all feed and the young ones were ready to play in the water! Lovie's lil brother and friend was having a great time until lil bro cut his foot on a piece of grating sticking out of the water next tot the pier. THANK GOODNESS it was not bad! I bandaged his foot for him and they just kind sat around and fished after that! Poor thing!
We took a ride on the party boat, which is always FUN! There were lots of boats and jet skis out! There were a couple accidents this wkend that did not end well...Very sad.
We stopped my Lovie's step-moms parents to say hello. Her Dad came out to the dock to speak to everyone, her mom was laying down, shopping makes ya tired!
We headed back to the camp after Lovie stopped and got my sis-in-law and I another margarita, which made us pretty giggly on the ride back!
After the party boat ride it was time to fry some fish! Lovie always fries corn on the cob too like his Pawpaw taught him....SOOO GOOD! Everyone ate and ate...It was all so good!
After filling our tummies it was bath time. Everyone took a turn and got in their pj's and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Paige's choice) Not all of us made it through the movie...So off to bed we all went!
Sunday we had cinnamon rolls and coffee on the porch. Then we got dressed and headed to the pier. Lovie started the pit to get the fire nice and hot to grill. We had chicken, ribs and sausage! Also baked beans and potato salad...YUMMY!
One by one everyone packed up and headed out...Lovie and I ended up staying another night, we were so tired, too tired to pack and go home!
Monday morning we went fishing...We found one lil honey hole that was hitting good, but had a wasp nest RIGHT next to where we had to drop our line! We moved on and headed right passed the camp...We hit another great honey hole and ended up with about 15 good keepers. Pretty good for a Not Good Fishing weekend! We didn't keep them we released them in front of the camp!
We cleaned up outside and took showers and laid down for a nap...I woke up three hours later and Lovie had packed our stuff and was cleaning! He did not go to sleep! So I helped him finish and we headed home...

Wanna see pics...Click the bobber!

It was a fun Memorial Day weekend, and if it wasn't for the troops that have fought and are fighting for our country and lost their lives over the years we wouldn't have been able to have the fun we did this past weekend, and I am SO proud to be married to a Army Vet of Dessert Storm.

Have a giggly night!

As you slumber remember someone is out there making sure your dreams are free!

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