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Momma & Daddy left last Thursday to head to my brother to spend the week and then they will bring the kiddies home with them for the summer! Lovie and I can not wait for them to get here!
My brother, my nephew and my brother friend were in a bar-b-que contest over the wkend...they placed 8th out of over 100 and something...The is great for their first time! Momma said their bar-b-que was verra yummy!
We went out to our friends TnT Friday night for dinner. We had a blast. They griller chicken breast for sandwiches...VERRA YUMMY! We brought watermelon, lemon cake and Margaritas! My friend and I were pretty giggly by the time we ate! We sat out by their pool and giggled and visited till 2am!
We went to the camp Saturday afternoon to meet Lovies Aunt and family. Lovie cut the grass while I unpacked and took a lil rest on the sofa! We went to Kevin's to have dinner and had so much food left over to bring back it was unreal! But it was verra good!
We all were SO full we lounged around for awhile and caught up things and then headed to bed so we could get up early to go fishing!
7:30 was not early enough for Lovie, but I couldn't get moving! But we headed out and caught a good many, but a a catfish in the live well, killed most of them...So...Lovie is going to put a divider in there to keep that from happening anymore!
We all cooked lunch and Lovies grandparents came out to eat with us. we had a nice visit, them it was that dreaded time....Time to pack and clean up to go home!
We made four reservations for Dsiney so far!!! I am SOOOOOO excited we got in at The Royal Table! ~*giggle*~

Hope you and your had a fun wkend also...Have a giggly week!

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