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I got a sunburn! Only on the front of my body! And the pool pump went out! So now I am on hold on the back tan till Lovie gets a pump! But not much of a wait on that and I will be tanned all over!
We went to the camp this wkend with TnT...We had a BLAST! They had to go to a graduation party to go to before they came out Friday night, poor 2nd T was about to potty on herself ! She had two shots a margarita and a beer! She ran straight to the bathroom first thing! ~*giggle*~
We stayed up till 2am talking and fishing for alligator gar! I hit one in the head with my bobber and scared it off! It was so nice and cool on the pier too! We finally went to bed so we could get up early to head out fishing...
We all got up and was heading out around 7:30 am and the boat was missing...So we went back to the boat place right down from our camp and got it looked at and fixed...spark plugs. We headed BACK OUT...
We laughed, got hung up, caught some fish, laughed, got hung up, laughed, got hung, up, laughed, caught fish, laughed and so on...IT was a BLAST! The boys farts on us too! NASTY BOYS! PHEW!
We got back to the camp around 2pm and discovered they knew a friend of ours...Lovies called him and left him a message. The Three J's came out to visit!
TnT and I started drinking Mudslides...or should I say YAWNSLIDES!!! UGH they put us to sleep! What a bummer! We had big plans to play cards all night! Not one card was dealt!
We sat around and talked and played with Baby J and the pups. We ate fried fish and french fries and drank more yawnslides! ~*giggle*~
The Three J's headed home and we tried to watch MadTV but we all started dosing off! So we went to bed!
I was the LAST one up Sunday morning...9:30am! They all three were on the pier fishing! I made coffee and Lovie put cinnabons in the oven. I got dressed and took the cinnabons and coffee out to the pier, they were really yummy!
We cleaned up and packed our stuff and all headed home. Lovie and I got home took our baths a and settled in for a rest. I went to my nest after I chatted with TnT for a minute...I was asleep by 5:30pm! Lovie came to bed around 7pm, we woke up at 11pm took the girls out, took our nightly med, drank water and went back to bed and didn't wake till 5am this morning! BUT still tired! UGH! The sun really wore us out!

Wanna see pics?

click on the sunset to see!

I am off to my nest to watch the shows I missed last night! have a giggly night your way!

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