Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day!

We had a GREAT weekend! Daddy and Lovie got his (daddies) boat in the water as soon as they un loaded the trucks for me and Momma. After we unpacked we went out on the pier to sit and cool off and watch them in the boat. Momma didn't like how the boat raised up when it takes off! But I reassured her it was ok and it had to plane out and to do like I do...Put your head down and close your eyes till you are on the water! She rode and was a lil scared at first but took my advice and LOVED it!
The next morning Daddy and Lovie went fishing most of the day, my sister and hubby came after work. Daddy took them for a boat ride, then we got ready to boil shrimp! Oh my goodness they were soooo good!
Saturday morning Lovie, Daddy and bro-in-law went fishing, us girls got up talked and drank coffee then headed out to fish. The boys came back and were giggly! Lovie and bro-in-law had forgotten their wallets at the camp...NO FISHING LICENSES! Thank goodness they did not see a game warden!
We fished off the pier, but the boat traffic was pretty heavy, so Lovie took us on the party boat. My niece called and said they were on their way so we went back and picked them up and then went for a nice long ride on the river. After we tried to fish again, no luck...Until the winner of the day caught the biggest fish! (see pics!)
Lovie and bro-in-law cooked crawfish bisque for dinner. I tried it but didn't like it...I don't know what it was but I just didn't like the taste of it at all. Everyone else loved it. We all ate and laughed, it was nice.
Sunday we tried again to fish but no luck...Daddy had told us the fishing was not going to be good! He always check his almanac and it is always right! We all had planned on leaving around 2pm...Well that was not in the cards for us! We had a lil sewer problem. Thank goodness Daddy and bro-in-law stayed to help us! I felt bad they didn't go home like planned, but I am SOOO thankful they helped Lovie! It is fixed!

wanna see pics?

click my toes to see!

I also posted the wedding pics!! click the roses to see!

Have a giggly day!

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