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Well two happily married couples have tied the knot! Lovie's youngest sister and my nephew...Congrats to both the couples!

my nephew and his bride 5/5

The festivities started Thursday evening with rehearsal for my nephews wedding. Lovie did the first reading, so I went too and took pics!
After the guys went to eat and to pick up their tux. Lovie, my sister, my niece and I went to have dinner. My other niece had to go grocery shopping so she couldn't join us.
Friday night we picked up Momma & Daddy and headed to Mike Anderson's for the rehearsal dinner. We had to get there early because I made a DVD for the bride & groom from over the years of their lives. We also helped my sister set a few things up. Then it was time for the guest to arrive and cocktails! Everyone mingled and meet each others family,
Everyone took a seat and it was time to watch the DVD / years of the happy couple. There were very few dry eyes in th house but everyone had laughs through it also!
The food was being served after the dvd! OH YUM! Crawfish pasta, fried catfish, boiled shrimp, marinated chicken, spinach dip & chips, rolls...oh my it was all so good!
After everyone finished eating the bride and groom presented the bridal party with Thank You gifts and thanked everyone for coming. The groomsmen and the groom went one way and the bride and bride maids went another! It was party time ~*giggle*~
Saturday was the big day!!! My nephew looked the most handsome I have ever seen...But he is handsome anyway! And the bride was glowing! The ceremony was beautiful.
The bride, groom, bridal party and family took a trolley over to the reception hall. The driver made the block before we went to our destination!
The reception was the most fun I have had in a long time! Lovie, my sis and I had Momma & Daddy drinking margaritas!!! Lovie and I danced and danced...I even got Momma out there to dance with a broken leg! She had a blast!
The food was wonderful and seeing the family and friends was even better! It was time for the happy couple to leave, so everyone grabbed some bubbles and headed outside! The newlyweds leave for their cruise tomorrow morning! BonVoage to them have a wonderful honeymoon!
Sunday we went to Lovie parents to celebrate his sister getting married. We had boiled crawfish they were verra yummy! Lil Miss Paige is a crawfish eater already!

We had a FULL weekend! But loved every minute of it!

My Daddy bought a boat! After all these years he FINALLY bought one! The boat belonged to my cousin that passed away in a house fire, so the boat is very special to Daddy and Momma. They are taking it out for the first time this weekend at our camp! FUN! FUN! FUN!

I just LOVE when the Shoe Fairie comes to visit me!


Have a giggly night!

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