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Happy April Fool's Day! Hope you don't get played for a fool today!!! We had a great time last night on our "double date"! We went to The Outback they all three had steak, I am not a steak person, so I had the Queen Anne's Shrimp and Chicken over pasta, it was wonderful. They enjoyed their steaks also! We all talked and laughed and caught up on our lives. After dinner we went to Coffee Call and had cafe au'lait and talked even more, we all four have so much in common! We have already made plans for future get togethers!

When we got home there was trash on the floor! "Lexi" had been in my digging! I took a small bag to dinner and left my daily one home. She had gotten out a pack of Bubble Yum and ate it, and had out a tub of Lip Gloss!!! Lil stinker!!! Well we are going to Lovie's Dad's today so I better get dressed!!! have a giggly day!

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