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It's finally Friday!!! It seems like the week has been passing slowly along...My truck came out of the hospital last night! Yahoo! clean bill of health! Nice cold A/C, wheels are a-lined and what ever else Lovie had done to it ~*giggle*~ I just happy to have it back sooooooo quickly!
We are going on a "double date" this weekend! I have been chatting with a friend on mine from high school. I have not seen or talked to her since 11th grade!!! She found me on MySpace We still have so much in common, and our hubbies like the same things too! We are going to dinner with them this weekend, I can't wait!! ~*giggle*~
My Lovie bought me a Teddy Bear at Christmas when I was going through such a rough patch. He bought it at Brookstone it's called The Nap Bear, it has came in handy when he couldn't be here and I needed someone to hug! I named her "Sadie"

Lovie is home today...He hurt his back and he is on pain meds for gout in his ankles and elbows, so he is working from home. The doctor really didn't want him driving on the pain meds and he needs to rest his back. Looks like I am driving on our date! hehehe Have a great Friday and a fun filled giggly wkend!!!

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