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Lovie did his sleep study...I stayed by myself, just me and the girls! Poor lil things keep going to the end of the bed looking for their Daddy! They finally settled down and got under the covers and went to sleep. I chatted with my friend for a while and then watched some TV. Lovie called to let me know he made it and to check on me, and then he sent me a lil pic of him "hooked up"!!!

"Luke, I am your FATHA!!!"

The techs told him everything about sleep apnea and explained that he was not there to get help to stop snoring, but to get the help for his "not breath" episodes while sleeping. They also explained that is may seem that he is not breathing when this happens, but his lungs and heart are both still working, but his airway is blocked, so this makes his brain panic and wake himself up to breath, so he is not getting any rest. According to the test he stopped breathing 500 times.
He was told that if they see that he needs the C-Pap machine they would come in and put it on him. He got to sleep around 10:30 pm and they came in at 1:30 am to wake him to put the machine on. They said within 10 minutes he was back asleep with NO SNORING!
So...Now he will see our doctor to get his prescription for the machine.
He said when they woke him he felt refreshed and rested. After he came home he laid down with me for another hour and when we woke he felt horrible, his head hurt, his throat hurt and he felt tired! I can not wait for him to get the machine!
Yahoo!!! The doctor took the pin out of Momma's toe yesterday!!! And...all the stitches! She still can not walk on it for another two weeks, but she can take the boot off and take a normal bath!
She was a lil nervous that taking the pin out was going to hurt, but I held her hand and she didn't even feel it at all. I had to tell her when he was done!
I know it was a relief for her to get the pin and those stitches out, they were itching her bad! AND..She got the ok to take a lil trip her and Daddy have been wanting to go on! But she has to see the doctor before she goes! She was walking on clouds!

this was before they removed anything, but it looks great!

I got to take her back to ex-ray yesterday (I think they just might put me on the payroll by the time this is all over and done!!!) and look who was waiting for us!

I think he had been there a lil too long! ~*giggle*~

It is a rainy day today!!! So I am staying indoors and getting all my ironing done, and I MIGHT tackle digging out my summer clothes!! Of course nothing cute and springy will be worn this weekend for Easter the high Sunday is 66!! brrrr Have a dry giggly day your way!!!

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