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Easter weekend...We started out Friday night going to my nieces apartment for dinner, and to see my nephews apartment. He just moved in two buildings over from his sister, his fiance will move in after they are married on May 5.
We had sloppy joe's, with chips and dips with cheese cake for dessert! We all laughed and talked and ate! Both of their apartments are very nice!
After we got we both stayed up for a bit and played on our computers, then hit they hay to get up early to head to the camp. We had to stop at Wally World to pick up the crawfish boiling stuff, then it was back on the road!
It was too cold to be out fishing so I stayed in. Lovie helped his Pawpaw straighten his building and his aunt put up a volley ball net. Then it was time to boil the bugs! I went in and took a nap...hehehe
We ate and ate on the crawfish and still had a lot left, so Pawpaw peeled him some tails, and we bagged some up to bring to Momma and Daddy. On the way home we drooped them of to them.
Sunday morning Lovie was not feeling well...His throat was scratchy! I knew he would be sick from being in that cold air on the water! We had to cook potato salad and get the green bean casserole together before we got dressed.
We had dinner at my sisters house. Poor Lovie tried to stay away from everyone because he wasn't feeling good. Momma and Daddy cooked a ham, we did strawberries with dip, chocolate dipped strawberries, lemon meringue pies, potato salad, green bean casserole, my sis cooked sweet potato casserole, greens, a chocolate cake...It was all so GOOD!
After we ate we went outside to play The Egg Bop game! It was soooooo much fun! My sis and I had bought prizes for the winners! The Champs are Me, my sis, my Daddy and my nephews fiance! Nothing better than holding the title of Egg Bop Champ! We laughed so hard and took LOTS of pics!

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We Lovie and I got home we were beat! But we watched a little TV and played on the computers and then went to bed, he had a early doctors appointment this morning! Lovie does not have gout! Thank goodness!!!! The doctor said it must just be a bad case of tennis elbow from playing golf...So he will be getting a lil brace for him arm! He did put him on verra mild blood pressure and cholesterol meds, just to be on the safe side. Now we are just waiting to hear from the other doctor to get the C-Pap machine!
We changed our bedding today...Now I just need to move all our winter clothes and put the summer stuff in our closet!!!

Well...Time to get in the tub and get ready to watch TV! Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones also...Have a giggly night!!!

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