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Oh WOW...It has been a few days since I have been here!! I have not been feeling well...I don't have a full blown cold, but I have the nasty croupy cough! Lovie and Momma were both sick! Lovie was getting over his when Momma started with hers, which was the day before I took her to the doctor. But they are both feeling a lot better!
The last wkend we had went to the camp Pawpaw and Mawmaw went to Texas to see Lovie's uncle's new house (they just moved there). Pawpaw wasn't feeling really well when they left, poor thing ended up in ICU while there! His asthma started acting up really bad and he had some fluid around his heart. After several days in the hospital he is finally back home and feeling much better.
Lovie and I went over last night, his Mom is in from Atlanta, she came in on Saturday to help out. Lovie and Pawpaw cooked steaks! We had baked potato's, green beans and a salad, it was all verra good and I don't eat steak!!
Our wkend started out BUSY!!! Friday afternoon Lovie and I went shopping! We had a shower gift to buy for my nephews fiances bridal shower. So Bed, Bath & Beyond was going to be our first stop, but we kinda got side tracked by Academy, we NEEDED fishing stuff!!! And the shoe department GOT ME! ~*giggle*~

My CUTE fishing shoes!!

The Mickey flip flops are from Avon and Crocs are from Academy

ºoº ºoº

We FINALLY made it to our destination and got the registry list and found us a seat and decided on what we wanted to buy for the shower gift. We started shopping for those and Lovies lil sis called to tell us she is getting married!!!
Only one problem! She is getting married the same wkend my nephew is! Nephew is May 5th, hers is May 4th, problem is...Lovie and I are involved in my nephews wedding and are going to the rehearsal dinner on May 4th!!! So...All we can do is go after the rehearsal dinner.
After we bought weddings gifts...We headed to Target to get my meds and a few grocery items. We made it home in no time with our exit...It is only 3.8 miles from our house!!!
Saturday morning we woke at 5:30 AM and got ready to go to the camp and put the boat in the water! It was still a little cool when we left out, so I put my jacket on and had a beach towel wrapped around my legs!! brrrr! But it was beautiful...

click HERE to see fishing pics!

We had such a great time together! We laughed, dodged trees, got hung up, caught lily pads, got hung up, saw lots of snakes, got a little sun burn, got hung up, laughed, Lovie peed off the front of the boat while he was still fishing!!!, got hung up, caught some fish, saw more snakes, caught more fish and then headed back to the camp...What fun we had!!!
Then almost back to the camp and we saw flashing lights...Game Warden!
He stopped us to check everything out. We are all ok but one thing! NO fire extinguisher! So...I started flirting! I asked him "your not gonna check my fishing license?"...He said "but I didn't see you fishing"..."but let me see them". So I gave it and my drivers license to him and was bragging I caught the biggest fish (which was true!!!)...He didn't give Lovie a ticket...But told him to get a fire extinguisher before we put the boat back in the water! PHEW!!! Close one!
Lovie got a call while we were on the water from his Mom saying she was coming in from Atlanta that Pawpaw wasn't feeling well, so she was coming for a few days. His Aunt called also to see where we were and to let him know about Pawpaw...So we cut our trip a lil short and came on it. Lovie went over to Pawpaw & Mawmaw's and cooked dinner and waiting with his Aunt for his Mom to get in.
Lovie cooked crawfish with a white sauce over pasta for them. Pawpaw was on hospital food for too long, he needed a good meal.
On Sunday Lovie and I headed over to my sister's around 11:30 AM. He hung out with our bro-in-law and I rode with my niece's and sister to the bridal shower. We had a great time and ate some great party food!!!
Lovie and bro-in-law decided they needed to cook them steaks on the grill! So they went to the grocery and bought steaks and a bag salad and cooked! When we got back they both were rubbing their bellies and moaning!!! ~*giggle*~
We sat around to let their food settle them we headed over to Lovie's Dad's to visit and pick up my Avon.
After we headed over to my nephews apartement to see what all they got!!! They got a lot of nice stuff! He was in his kitchen putting everything away! His poor fiance was not feeling well...I pray she is not getting sick! She got a shot of antibiotics last week!!! That is the LAST thing she needs, the last time she got sick with this crude she was in the bed for two weeks!!! She doesn't; need to be sick on her wedding day!
We walked over to my nieces apartment to see their new furniture...Everything looks GREAT! They have the best taste!!! May me think about re-doing EVERYTHING in my house!!! Ours is sooo outdated compared to theirs!!! UGH!
So our wkend was FILLED! But FUN, there is nothing better than a wkend filled with family fun...The only thing that would have made it better is to have the whole family with us.
Lovie made our reservations for Disney!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO excited!!! ALL of Disney resorts are not pet friendly, and we REALLY wanted to stay on property this time, soooooo we are taking our camper, because Fort Wilderness Campground is pet friendly!! And they have a kennel we can dropped the girls off for the day instead of leaving them in the camper all day!!! AND...they are opening a Doggie Park this spring!!!! With a water park and play ground equipment for the doggies!!! AND caractor greeting for the pups!!!! TALK about excited!!! I can not wait to have their pics made with Mickey!!!!!
So we leave Nov. 25 and come home Dec. 3!! YAHOOOOO!!!!
ºoº DISNEY AGAIN!!!! ºoº

Have a giggly day!


  1. You suck & kiss my ass !!!!love teddy

  2. Teddy-o!!! I can not believe my eyes!!! I thought so highly of you! Shame, shame, shame...I am going to have to talk to your mother! =0(


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