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This week has been verra busy for me! Momma and I went shopping Tuesday for wedding wear and such, yesterday I took my niece to have an nerve block and then physical therapy, poor thing was a lil doped up after! But she did great, only had a lil pain where they gave her the injection...Poor thing has to go back for MORE!
Tonight we are going to the church for rehearsal for my nephews wedding. Lovie will be reading for the wedding. Tomorrow night we are going to the rehearsal dinner, THEN the BIG day is Saturday!!!! We are all verra excited! It is going to be a fun festive weekend!
Lovie has been sleeping really good with his C-Pap machine! he does take it off around day break, and I wake him to put it back on. He called the doctor yesterday about that and she said that is normal, that he is just still getting use to it.
It is strange to sleep in complete silence after 14 years of snoring!!! I wake up ever few minutes to check on him or from hearing a noise outside! But I am adjusting, I sleep better last night, but I was beat also!
Some of you might notice my last post is missing with the videos...Well YouTube had to remove them..So I deleted that post..bummer! Well...Have a giggly day...I will be posting pics from the wkend next week!

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