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I took Momma for another check up this morning...The doctor gave her the ok to walk on her foot, but she still has to use her crutches! After we left out we found Lovie in the lobby waiting on us! He went to lunch with us, we had Mexican! YUM!
Last night we went to our friends and visited, it was our first trip to their house...I have not been to Zachary in a while, it has really grown! We had dinner and a nice visit! TnT's!
We went to the camp for the wkend with my family...Lovie and I made it there before the others, so I laid on the sofa after I unpacked and relaxed, my best friend called me and told me her mom had been in the hospital all week and they had found four tumors in her brain. I was in shock! They were waiting on some more test results to come back before they would know anything more, and she would call me back.
Everyone got there and we started boilin some bugs! The water wasn't hot yet and it smelled great! We fished while the boys boiled!

Finally it was time to eat!

We all ate and ate! They were SOOOOO good! The boys did a great job as always! We popped tails after to make a crawfish cornbread for our next gathering!
We went in took our baths and started making dessert!!! (I swear eating is not all we do! If is was I would not be loosing weight!) We cooked a cookie cake and made strawberries and dip! OH YUMMY! We had dessert and chatted...it was nice.
Saturday morning we all got up NOT EARLY! and headed out to fish! The fish was biting great! But it was raining off and on...I went in to take a break and my niece can running "get the camera Pawpaw caught a huge fish"! LOOK what a fish he caught!

Big Ole Goo!

Lovie cooked jambalaya for dinner Saturday night! It was wonderful...With corn and garlic bread! We had more cookie cake and strawberries and dip for dessert. We watched some TV till we all were about to fall asleep! So to bed we all went to get ready for another fishing day!
Lovie got up bright and early and it was COLD, no one wanted to brave the frigged air so he went fishing by himself in his boat. My bro-in-law cooked breakfast for us while we all got dressed, then it was time to fish again! The fish did not want our crickets! Lovie came back with a good many fish!
Daddy, Momma, my sister and I went for a ride, my niece took a nap and the boys got the fish ready for a fish fry!
We came back just in time to start getting the table ready to eat! They brought it in and made us girls eat the first round so the fish wouldn't be soggy. Oh my goodness it was so good! he friend corn on the cob also! YUM-ME! The boys came in and ate and we rested for a while then it was time to pack up and go home. Another fun wkend at the fish camp!
Lovie heard back from his sleep study! He has a sever case of sleep apnea and his air way is completely blocked while sleeping! So...They ordered his C-Pap machine! I am SOOOO excited! I will be so happy for him to get a full nights rest!
I heard from my friend this morning about her Mom, she does have cancer and it is in her blood stream, the four tumors in her brain are cancer also. They were brining in a lung specialist today to check to see if it is in her lungs. The doctor told them they would start radiation but there is really nothing they could do, it was in God's hands. My heart is breaking for them...My prayers are so often...And my thoughts keep drifting to them, I can not imagine what my friend is going through right now. If you could please keep her, her Mom and her family in your thoughts and prayers please...With heavy heart I will say good night.

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  1. it sounds like you had heaps of fun on your trip. I am sorry to hear about your friends mum that is awful. Have a great day.


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