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Good Morning! NO hives this morning!! yahoo! But I am in pain! I put a pain patch (it is like the heat patches, but these has pain meds in it!) on it yesterday, and will be putting another on today! I meant to get Lovie to put on on me before he left, but he got out of here before I got my bath. So....I will have to handle it till he gets back this afternoon!
My mother-in-law (my Hotlanta one ~*giggle*~) is coming in this afternoon. She is going to help her sister unpack her thing into her new house. But from Atlanta to Lafayette is too far for her to drive by herself, so she is stopping here to have dinner and spend the night.
My Lovie never buys himself...Well yesterday he bought himself a toy!!! He boat us a fishing boat, not new, nothing fancy, but it's our and it a fishing boat!! YAHOOO!!!!!

YEAH! Like I am going to drive! NOT!

We are taking it to the river this wkend, but bring it back home, he wants to replace some of the carpet and put some slip guard on, and get a price on having it painted. I can't wait to go fishing!!! HEHEHEHE! Here fishy, fishy, fishy...Have a giggly day!

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