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Monday, Monday. I didn't do much today but wash the sheets and the clothes from this wkend. Lovie cooked crawfish cornbread tonight, oh my goodness it was good! We both are so full. We will have that recipe again!
We didn't have a verra good start to our wkend! Daddy, Lovie and my niece went and dropped the boats in the water. My nieces wouldn't stay running, Lovie's batteries were dead! Daddy got both trucks back down to the camp and they both FINALLY got the boats to the camp. Lovie got his on charge and they went to work on my niece's, Daddy was in the boat and was doing something and hit the gas on accident and off the boat went and down he went in the river!
Lovie grabbed the boat and my niece grabbed my Daddy and Lovie pulled him and the boat up because they both we going under! But thank goodness Daddy was not hurt just soaked!
While the boat was draining Daddy changed clothes, the one time he came off without a extra pair of shoe he goes int he river! So he and Lovie went to Dollar General (the only store out there!) to find him a pair of shoes! He came back with a pair of croc look alikes in RED!!! TOO CUTE! By the end of the wkend he said he really liked them!
They went outside to check on the boat and Daddy got it running like a top! So my niece got to fish in her boat all wkend long!!!
Saturday morning my nephew came early and went fishing with Lovie. My sister & hubby, my other niece & her hubby came just for the day. We all fished and relaxed, the breeze was wonderful.
We grilled that afternoon, hamburger, steak, and ribs...What a variety!!! My niece and hubby didn't eat with us because they were going to a bonfire with his family. Everyone ate and we all visited, it was nice.
After my sis and bro-in-law left Momma and Daddy went to bed and me, Lovie , my niece, my nephew and his fiance stayed up and played cards and giggled till AM!!! Lovie and I went to bed and they stayed up about an hour after us!
Lovie and I got up at 5:30 AM and started the coffee and cooked some sausage and tried waking my nephew and his fiance, that took a few times!! They all got ready and headed out for a day orf fishing in the boat!
I went back to bed after they left, Momma and them let me sleep till 10 AM!!!!! She came in my room bouncing her crutches on my bed, saying "get up, get up"!!!! I could not believe I slept that late! I got up and drank coffee with them on the porch (they had been up since 8 am!) I cooked breakfast and well got dressed and headed out to fish!
Momma was the only one of us on Sunday to catch any fish! Then when the boat crew came in they had caught a mess!!! So all wkend we caught about 80 all together! We had a blast!

Here are some pics...

Samantha caught the biggest one!!

Well I had a 8:45 AM doctors appoinment in Baton Rouge and Lovie has a 11:00 AM doctors appointment here in town! So I will be up early and on the road! So have a giggly Tuesday your way!!! Goodnight!

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