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Good ITCHY morning!!!! I have HIVES all over my face and my ears! I have pleurisy right now, which I get this time every year, I was told it goes with having asthma, this is the third Spring in a row I have had this! So I am thinking, the pain from that is bringing out the hives!!!
They have moved to my forehead and my eyes! I took some "extra" meds to calm me down and hopefully they will pass! I am trying to keep my hands busy so I don't scratch, that just makes them worse!!!
I took Momma to the doctor yesterday to have her cast changed and things checked out. They removed every other stitch and put her in a boot that have air chambers that keeps her leg secure. Her doctor told her she can open it to scratch and let it breath but only for a minute at a time! She can not walk on i t yet, they will remove the pin in two weeks. She is doing great!
We are going to the camp this weekend, we are soo excited! Lovie has a BAD case of boat fever...he has found a few he likes, but the right one has just not caught his eye yet. He is going this afternoon to take another look at one.
Well hope you have a giggly NON-ITCHY day!! I am off to fold some clothes maybe that will help me keep my hands off my puffy red itchy face!

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