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I had an early doctors appointment this morning, I was a few minutes late due to traffic! But I had a great visit and a great report! I am doing good and am right on track! I feel great! It seems like I have a new lease on life! I smile more than I did before, and I am a lot more active than I have been! I have been told I seem like the old Jeauaxdi! I am so glad to feel bubbly again!
After my appointment I head to Momma and Daddy's, on the way i was on the phone with Lovie and was just a chatting away...A BR city police man stepped out into the interstate and flagged me over! I told Lovie to let me go I was getting a ticket! I had NO CLUE how fast I was going!
He also pulled the car behind me over...I pulled in front oh his car and the other in back oh it...Well...The police man flagged me to go on!!!! I was not in trouble! YAHOO!!! I was a good girl after all...~*giggle*~
I got to Momma & Daddy's and did some dishes, wash and made their bed, I cleaned her leg & foot and freshened her boot then put lotion on her toes and legs. Then we watched our soap while Daddy took a nap.
Lovie has been having problems with his ankles and elbows. His Dad has gout and we know that is what is wrong with Lovie! So he went to the doctor today also. The doctor gave him some pain relievers for the ankles and elbows, but didn't want to put him on meds till after he has the sleep study done next week. ( I can't wait to get him on th meds for gout so we can play golf again!!! We have not been able to play since before we went to Disney in Nov.!!) He also gave him some meds for his back for the boat accident from this past wkend! So hopefully this will help him with his pain!
Lovie and I had to drop my car off at the Ford dealership to have some work done on it. After we went to pick up his meds at Target. We couldn't pass up the Easter candy!!! We bought a basket and some goodies!! See...

"Lexi" and "Belle" got a new baby also!!! This past wkend their cousin doggie "Libby" had a lil lamb that "Belle" fell in love with!!! So Daddy bought them one today!!!! Of course "Miss Belle" is hogging it!

This month has gone by so fast! Easter is right around the corner! We normally are camping for Easter, but this year we will be at Daddy & Mommas cooking something good to eat! I just can't wait for our pool water to heat up some more!!! I am ready to tan! Have a giggly night!

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