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It's MARCH! On our way to spring, it will be here before we know it! And those HIGH temps! UGH! But I am so ready to get outside and in the pool.

I went back to the doctor this morning...I had a GREAT visit and report! He changed around some meds and added one, but it is for the better! Made me feel good...Thanx Dr. D!

Momma has to has foot surgery on Monday...Well...last Thursday while in North Carolina her leg got slammed by the truck door from the wind. It hurt but she went on with their vacation. She had a ex-ray this morning and found out her leg is BROKEN! I knew it was from the look of it! It was swollen, with fever and green tint to it, the inside of her ankle is bruised pretty bad. Her doctor was in shock that she had been walking on it for a week! So...While in for foot surgery the doctor will operate on her leg also! Poor thing, I don;t see how she walked on it for a week. I know how it feels, I broke my arm and it hurt SOOO bad! So Momma will get all my TLC for the next few weeks!

Last Friday night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant with the Three J's. We had fun, but they were SOOOO busy Lovie and I didn't our food till about 45 minute after our friends got theirs! But the food was hot and yummy when we did FINALLY get it! Here is a pic of the Lil J placing his order!

Last Sunday Lovie and I got out and rode in the lovely weather! We did some shopping too of course! Look at what we ran across...

How CUTE is THAT?!?!!

Well..I am off to my book! I reserved myself a copy of Shopaholic and Baby and Lovie picked it for me Tuesday!!! So far it is great!!! Hope you have a giggly night!

When I say I love someone...It comes from my heart! Those aren't words I just throw around!

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