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Our weekend was great! Friday night we snuggled under the covers and watched TV and I read my book. Up early Saturday morning to head to the camp on the river! We stopped at Wally World on the way there to pick up a few things then back on the road.
Lovie did some things outside the camp and set out catfish lines, I cleaned some inside while we waited for the boat parade to start. At noon we headed out to pier. The breeze was COLD! The parade started rolling (ummm should I say floating...) and the bead were flying! we had a lot of fun!
After we went in to warm up and get a snack. I laid on the sofa and Lovie went to check his lines, he came in after and we both took a nap. It was a great Saturday afternoon!
Lovie's aunt, uncle, and their three boy with one of the boys brought a friend came in around 6pm to spend the night. We cooked dinner and visited while we ate. After dinner we went out on the pier for a little while, but it was TOO cold! The boys built a fire.
We started playing cards and on lemon drop martinis after Baby Jack was put to bed. We giggled and played cards, and spilled drinks...oppsss, or should I say Lovie spilled the drinks and he wasn't drinking! Baby Jack woke up around midnight and stayed up with us till 2am...He ate snacks and helped with the card game! We all went to bed but Lovie went to check his lines once more, ha came into our room holding up a bog catfish and a BIG smile!!!
I wanted to sleep in Sunday morning, but that never happens at the camp! The smell of coffee and breakfast woke me up! I stumbled to the coffee pot and then the sofa.
After we all ate and got dressed Mawmaw & Pawpaw came out for a little while. Lovies uncle cooked lunch and we all sat around and played with Baby Jack. I went and cleaned our room and packed our stuff and we headed home. It was a great camp weekend even though it was cold. Wanna see some pics from the wkend?

Coming up off the floating dock.

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