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   We are not going camping this weekend, but we are going to our river camp! There is some work that needs to be done around there that we will take care of. I love the river...It is such a great get away, we have missed that over the past couple years. It is going to be nice to take the family out there!
   Last nights Grey's Anatomy! OMG!!! The ending left me breathless! I was sitting in my bed with my mouth hanging open! Ugly Betty TOO! Survivor Fiji was good too...We had company so really was paying much attention to it, but you gotta LOVE DVR!!! I LOVE tv!!! ~*giggle*~
   Last night some friends came for dinner, they have a 6 month old little boy, he is too cute! He jibber jabbers like crazy, he gives me the giggles! We had ice cream and cake for dessert...He was going nuts trying to get to his mommies! It was TOO funny!
   Well it is almost time to get out of my chair and get my housework done...So on that note, have a giggly day!

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