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I am snotty again! UGH! I have a sinus infection! So ya know what that means? NO parade tonight! BUMMER! I really wanted to go tonight bad! We have not been able to go to parade in years and I have to go and get sick! POO!
We MIGHT go to the Spanish Town parade in the morning. We will have to stay in the car so I can stay warm. I really not interested in catching beads, I like to take pics! So we'll see.
Lovie and I are puppy sitting for my parents. They left this mroning head to North Carolina! They will stay at my brothers through the week and then they are all going to a cabin in the mountains! I bet they see snow!!
Well I am going to cut it short Ghost Whisperer is on, we have it paused so we don;t have to watch the commercials! Gotta love that DVR! Stay warm and have a giggly night!

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