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   We had SUCH a great time camping! We went to Fairview State Park. It was beautiful even with everything not green! The lots were really spacious, with blacktop pads to park on and lime stone around that, but grass under the table area.
   Friday night we cooked (well the men, it was COLD) hamburgers and steaks outside. My nephew and his friend had a fire, but we just could make ourselves go out by it, it was COLD! We all ate had a nice visit and went in for the night to snuggle under the covers!
   Saturday morning Lovie cooked milk gravy in our camper and the rest cooked the biscuits to go with it. We all stuffed ourselves! Lovie out did himself!
   They have a boardwalk through the swamp that was really neat. We took the girls in their stroller on the walk! Even with it cold we had a great walk, the company couldn't have been better!
   After our walk we had a snack, no lunch after that gravy! Momma went in the make banana pudding and potato salad, my sister went in to get things going on her jambalaya and I went in for my afternoon nap! I was in charge of the bread...So I had it easy!!
   After I woke from my WONDERFUL, SNUGGLY nap I went out by the fire with everyone. My sister and brother-in-law were cooking the jambalaya and it was smelling great and really making me HUNGRY!!! The fire felt great too!
   Everyone got a plate of jambalaya, white beans, sweet potatoes and garlic bread and got back by the fire. We all ate WAY too much, but it surely did not stop any of us from getting Mommas B-Nana puddling! YUM - ME! We all sat by the fire and let our tunmmies poke out!
   Sunday morning after breakfast Momma, my sister, Lovie and I went up to the the front the park to tour the house. It was so neat! The had most of the original furniture and decorations in the house. The lady the hosted our tour did a great job!

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   Of course Lovie watched the Superbowl...I went to my nest and watched recorded shows! BUT!!! I did come watch halftime! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Prince! He was GREAT!!!!! The only thing the HD channel went off and we had to watch it on the lower channel...I don't see how anyone can not have HDTV!!!!! The reception was horrible! But of well Prince was great! Well hope you and your had a great weekend also...Have a giggly day!!!

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