Me again, just need to vent! It amazes me how people can freely and openly talk about anything they want, but let ME say ONE WORD and things get BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION! I get sick and tired of me being the blame, the bad guy, "she said" person! If you don't like what I say, OH WELL! I DO NOT START RUMORS OR LIE! GOD FORBID that I repeat anything I was told!
   Ii's the same ones that come on my page and read things and run with them. If they would mind their own business, things would not get blown up!
   You have NO CLUE who I could be talking about on here, I don't use names (NOT EVEN MINE OUR LOVIES REAL NAMES!) so how do you know whom I am speaking of! I know alot of people you don't!
   I think it is so funny that my lil ole page gets your panties in such a bunch! Why don't you find someone else's page to invade and get a life!

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