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   I was going to password protect my page, but decided against it, after I was called names! And then you have the NERVE the threaten us with shutting us out of your lives! If you feel the need to do that, that is fine with me, two can play "your game"!
   You question my love for the family, but I think you need to take a LONG hard look at yourself and think about "love for this family"!
   I did NOTHING wrong! I named NO NAMES! I haven't said anything that has not been said a thousand times already! I am not going to be the blame of anything! Like I said before "don't do things in your life that you we be ashamed of later! But if you do, don't cry and jump to conclusions and start pointing fingers if anyone says something about it! You have to pay to play!
   You have chosen a "friend with benefits" over a member of your family! If you don't like what you read on here stay off my page! I can see EVERYTIME you get on my here!


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