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   I had to go back for a second part of a test on Tuesday, when I got up I was not feeling too good so I took an Alka-Seltzer. By the time I was finished I was freezing! I called Lovie to come pick me up before I got in the elevator. I got in the car I was chilled to the bone! Lovie was chilly too! We went to Target and bought some meds and headed home. We both had the chills verra bad! We both changed into pj's and got deep under the covers! I had my electric blanket on HIGH! The FLU! We both had just gotten over a cold and now this! Gurgh!
So anyway...That is how our week has been STUFFY and CHILLIE! Hope you are staring warm your way!

Have a "sniff" "sniff" giggly day!

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