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Well our last Halloween wkend was a bust! The campground flooded! What a bummer! But we perms made the best of it while waiting out the water. We all stayed to move our campers. Luckily no one had to move their campers...The water did come up, but not as bad as it has before. We have had water chest deep at our lot before! Thanks goodness it did no go over the road and everyone was able to get out.
Our new furniture came in Monday!! YAHOO!! I love it...It took some getting use to and rearrange to get it right, but once we add one it all will fit great! Now I just need new curtain and our blinds! See!

We went to see Marie Antoinette, verra good movie, but I did not get the shoe scene with the converse tennis shoes!?!?! But I enjoyed it!
After the movie we went to the fair. Lovie got him a turkey leg for the walk around. We did not ride any ride, we tend to not trust ride the are hauled all over the country!
We did of course go in the "freak shoe". I asked the "gentlemen" if I could take picture...He said "sure"! I ask him if anyone would get mad at me for doing so, he told me "no, well some of them might get mad"! There were NO LIVE anything in there but one miniature horse! Talk about got snookered!!!!
Next we saw a man holding an alligator in his lap with a dog sitting next to him. We talked to him a minute, Lovie touched the gator but I wouldn't, NO WAY! He got us to go in and see the exhibit, so we did...It STUNK! And I had a surprise when I walked in!
We meet the cutest monkey LeRoy also! The man wanted me to take my picture with him for $5...Uh..NO thank you! LeRoy was so cute! He seemed very afraid of his owner! Lovie gave him $1 for a picture of him, he took the dollar from him and put it in his mouth! After getting it from him, the owner had him bring us a picture. He would not look away from the man, like he didn't want to look away out of fear!? I felt sorry for LeRoy! Click HERE to see our adventure! Have a giggly day!

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