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   Well one more wkend of Halloween! AND...ONLY 30 days till we leave for Disney!!!!! I am getting excited! I still have a lot to do! But I have it all planned out, and so far I am right on schedule.
   We had a little visitor for the afternoon! Jaclyn brought Paige to trick-or-treat!!! We got her dressed and it was off to get candy!!
   Lovie walked with them to trick-or-treat, I stayed by a friend of ours to take pics of all the kiddies. Lovie had so much fun with Paige! He said she was very polite and was eager to get candy!!! By the time they made it all the way around the park she told them "my toes were hurting can we go back"?...
   Lovie cooked take and bake pizzas from Past Times (in Baton Rouge). We all ate pizza and handed out candy. Then it was time for CAKE!!!

   We tested Paige on some of her strange candy items!!! We found a Body Part in her pumpkin that was an eyeball. Kinda marshmallowy, sticky, looked like an eyeball...She did nto like it! I have a video of her eating it on MySpace

   Here are some more pics of the lil cutey!

Comparing wings...

She wanted to video Mommy and "Big Chris"

   We had so much fun with her...Jaclyn said she was out by the time she got out the park! Report from Meme: she woke up after getting home and napping a bit to tell all about her day!
   Well, I am off to my bed...I had a sinus infection (so does Lovie) that is driving me nutty! I hope I sleep better tonight than last! Have many giggles your way!

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