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···Oh it has been awhile since I have been here!! Shame on me!!! I have even been neglecting my Meme's!! I have really got to get back into the swing of things! AND...I have to get the YMCA into my swing!!!
···I LOVE that we have joined, but we have had this or that come around that has keep us from going! Or could I be making excuses!!! It is partly this or that and the excuses.
···I am so shy, and have a hard time starting new things that involve a group of people. If I would just go, it will be over and done with and I would be OK!
···We bought a new living room set...I did not plan on buying a sofa because our living room is small. But the set we picked out you had to buy the sofa to get the chaise. I know it looks crazy with it in the middle, but you can move it to other placement on the sofa, the loveseat or on the chair! That is why we settled on getting the sofa. We have not gotten the set yet, it is ordered and will be here next week!!! Take a look!

···We had our first wkend of the three last wkend! It was nice outside...I hope the weather is good for this wkend too! The campground was full...LOTS of trick-or-treaters!!! For the first year in a long time I did not wear Halloween colors on Saturday! I wore purple and yellow for LSU, and of course the won the game!! 49-0! GEAUX TIGERS!
···I went for my mammogram last Thursday. They "found" something and had to re-test my right side. OUCH...They REALLY pressed down that time! But thank goodness it was nothing!!! I am good to go for another year!!!
···I am soooo ready to get my Christmas decorations up! But this weather is keeping the Chrismtas spirit at bay! I have so much to do from now till Nov. 24 (the day we leave for Disney!!), I HAVE to get the decorating done soon!!! I refuse to come home from Disney all decorated to a house with no decorations!!!
···Nothing good on TV tonight, so I am abou tto head to my nest and put in DVD. Lovie cooked beef stew tonight, verra yummy! He took Momma & Daddy some for their dinner. Well have a giggly night!

P.S. I forgot the shoe fairey came to see me!!! See what he brought me!

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