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Something is wrong with me...I sleep most of Sunday and ALL day yesterday, sleep through all of prime time shows and was back asleep around midnight and woke up this morning around 10 am!!!!!!!! I feel like I could go to sleep now and it is still early!!!!! Do I have sleeping sickness?
Things are getting CRAZY around Baton Rouge and here in my town! More and more murders, rapes, and kids fighting at schools! Will the madness ever end!?!
Lovie made us some comfort food last night...Chicken and Dumplings! OH YUM!!!! He took some to Momma & Daddy for them to have for sinner last night. I had some more today for my lunch!
The weather is starting to get fall like! It is only 80 out right now, with only 34% humidity!!! I can not wait for cooler temps! I hope it is nice and cool for Disney!!!!
My silly Lovie put "Belle" in the tub with him this afternoon!!!! Then of course "Lexi" had to take a dip too! They both need to go for a day of beauty SOOOO bad!
We had a nice quiet wkend, we will be at the campground this next one, and home the next, then...5 in a row!!!! Three wkends of Halloween!!!! FUN! FUN! FUN! Have a giggly night!

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