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Monday night we had a lil visitor!!! Jace (and his Mommy & Daddy) brought me a birthday present!!!! I was VERRA surprised! I received a watch and a CUTE Fink Plamingo picture frame!!! Look how much Jace has grown!!!

I am sooo sleepy...I could not go to sleep last night so around 1am to broke down and took a sleeping pill. SO I am going to bed early tonight, plus I am beat from our workout!
Lovie and I joined a gym to get in shape for our vaca in November. We walked then went down to the machines and did those...I am really starting to feel it in my legs!
When we got home one of Lovies fishies was up sidedown! He looked on the net and found out he had swim bladder disease! OK! So he put some meds in the water then keep reading and it said to change the water, so he did that. Well the fishie did not make it. He was a Red Belly Pacu, 9 inches long!!!!!!! He was sooo pretty!!!
No more Big Brother for another year!!! I was shocked that Boogie won! But he did "play" the game along with Erika! Well it is time for dinner, hope you have a giggly night!

Momma Linda!

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