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   Well it has been a few days since I have been here!!! We went to the campground this past wkend, and it was nice and quiet! Lovie and I went shopping Saturday. He bought himself some New Balance shoes, they are dark army green and orange! TOO COOL!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! (Army Green for my Army Man!!) I bought two pair of slip on clogs and some of my FAV fragrance!!!! Lovely by SJP.

   We had lunch on the mall at Cucos Mexican restaurant...VERRA yummy! We headed back to the campground to get ready to watch the game. My sister and brother-in-law wanted to go eat early before the game, it was TOO HUMID to cook outside! So we went to Chilies. Tink and I had a drink, well a few drinks ~*giggle*~ I had a bloody mary, and she had a El Presidenta Margarita. Then I had a two for one bloody mary. Lovie and I both were still full from lunch, so I nibbled on the appetizers.
   We went back to the campground and got the boy settled in for the game. Tink and I went riding on the golf cart. I had a few more bloody marys. LSU played a great game!!! 49 - 7 GEAUX TIGERS!!!
   Tink and I went to check the score every now and then, we found the boys in the camper in the A/C...It was REALLY humid! I keep drinking on them bloody marys..I should know better!!!! By the time I got in the he bed my head was SPINNING!!!! Then the camper started doing flips and up I went to the potty!!! Oh I was sooooooo sick!!!! I did this twice! Well three times, by the third time I do not remember!
   I was up at 5:30 am. I turned the TV on and checked the weather channel, they were calling for some really bad weather with damaging winds, SO...I packed up and woke Lovie around 6:30 am, he let the girls go potty and went back to bed!!!! I asked him if he understood what I had told him, he said, No...What?
   So I finally got him awake and we headed home around 7:00 am. (needless to say we drove through some nasty looking clouds, but we never got bad weather. He and my brother-in-law have made their minds up I was still to drunk to be watching TV!!!)
   We stopped and got Jack in the Box for breakfast. I DO NOT recommend it! It was NASTY!!!!! HORRIBLE! YUCKIE POO!!!!! Made my hang over WORSE!!!!!! We finally got home and I got in the shower and then my pj's. I stayed up for while because my head was spinning still. I went to lay down around 2 and got up around 5.
   Yesterday morning, I was STILL nasty feeling! I SWEAR I will not do that again!!!!! (yeah right huh...How many time do we say that?!?!!?) I did not think yesterday would end!
   Lovie went by the grocery for me and picked up a few things we needed. He bought me Pepto, but it was Cherry flavored by mistake, I thought I was gonna be sick just thinking about it!!!! But he cooked me fried chicken sandwiches and french fries for dinner, and soft batch cookies for a snack! YUM!
   He also went by Cox Cable and got us a second DVR box!! YAHOO!!!!!!! We put it in the bedroom, that way we can record everything we want to!!!!! Now while we are at the gym at night, we won't miss our shows!! YAHOO! Gotta LOVE DVR!!!!
   I was flipping channels awhile ago and stopped on GAC (country videos) I was in tears after watching the video that was playing. It was Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton!!! WATCH IT!! Great song!!!!

   Lovie got him a new Razor today!!!! It is the Motarola Razor V3I, it has ITunes built in!!!! Too cool...Now he will not have to borrow mine while I am in my Yoga and Pilates class!!!! (he bought me and IPod last week! What a sweetie I am a married too!)



   Well it is time to get thing going for dinner, and get my bath to settle in for some TV! Hope you have a verra giggly rest of your night!!!

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