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Good morning! I am trying to wake up...I want to be in the bed deep under the covers! I am getting sick, it has been coming on for a week now! My glands hurt!!!!! I CAN'T GET SICK!!! I have my first surgery this Wednesday!!!!!! Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...................
Friday night was rained out!!! No balloons!!!! We ended up at the movie...We watched Talledega Nights! We were rolling laughing!! It was GREAT!!! GO RICKY BOBBY, GO!!!!!! "I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!"
Saturday morning I packed our wedding attire and all our stuff for the campground, then I tried to take a nap but could not fall asleep! We left for the campground at 3:30 pm, thank goodness we did, it started pouring after we got unloaded and in the camper!!!! But it had slacked off by the time we had to leave...Rain on your wedding day is good luck!!!!
The chapel was beautiful, the groom was handsome and the bride was glowing...The reception was FUN!! Nothing like family and friends to surround you on such a special day.
Sunday we rode the golf cart for a while, then went to watch the bride and groom open gifts, and of courser I had to have an Icee!!! After we headed home...I did get a nap on this day!!! It was a full wkend but we had a ball! Have a giggly week, I am gonna try...Getting nervous about Wednesday!!!

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