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···Feeling a lil loopy...Had my surgery this morning, everything went great! Lovie took me to Momma & Daddies so he could work awhile. I settled into the sofa, we talked while watching TV, I napped then Momma fixed lunch, egg salad sandwiches YUM!!! While eating I started to get a itchy feeling on my back...HIVES!!!!!! Momma offered meds for it, but I thought if I just could put it out of my mind they would go away...Wishful thinking!!!! They started on my forehead, my scalp, still on my back and my leg! SO I took some Benydril and got back on the sofa. But all else is good.
Forgot to post some pics of some new thing I got...Enjoy!!!

Vera Wang...LOVE them!

Have a giggly night!!!

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  1. Hope you're feeling good and so sorry about your pup.


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