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I still can't believe my bubbie is gone...His angel called the other night and gave details of the day. She found him at 6:30 am...She knocked on the front door, the back door and the side of our house and we did not hear her, the girls did not bark...And at 12:30!!!! All we can figure is it was his time to go and God turn a deaf ear to us. I love you "Elizah"!
We are going to Baton Rouge tonight to watch the Balloon Glow after there will be fireworks!!! We will start out with shopping for a wedding gift for the wedding we are going to tomorrow night. We can not decide if we want to spend the night at the campground or not...The wedding and reception in close to the campground, so we prolly will stay.
I have my first out patient surgery next Wednesday the 9th. The doctor will remove the cyst from my chest then I go in on the 23rd to have the one on my back removed. I am doing it in the office because if I was put in the hospital (even with no over night stay) the insurance wanted $1500 up front, if I do it in th eoffice there is no charge!!!!!! Insurance is such a rip off!!!!!!!!!! So...my docotr is going to have me take a valum and a loritab before I come in and then they will dope me up soem more!!! He said the cut on the front will be about 1 to 2 inches because the cyst is big...ouchie poo!!! Off to do my house work then goet dressed...Have a great day!

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