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This past wkend was the last wkend to take the kiddies to the campground...So we all headed that way to have some fun!
I could not take a shower, so it was kinda a challenge to take a bath in the camper, but I got clean without getting my incision wet!
We did not go out to eat this wkend...I know, I know...That is NOT our style!!! We cooked hamburgers at Daddy & Mommas Friday night, and Saturday night we did chicken wing and dirty rice at Cooter's. Both nights we VERRA yummy!
Lovie and I bought the kids each a cake (Mikayla keep asking for birthday cake for a few days!) Mikayla's was almond and Taylor was red velvet. We had their names put on them, I SWEAR Mikayla could have done a better job!!! SEE!

It sure did not stop us from eating it, they both were great!

On Saturday Uncle Cooter got REALLY brave and gave Taylor a driving lesson!!! They wanted me to ride with him, I told Taylor "sorry, but I don't ride with Cooter, your Daddy and now you!!" ~*giggle*~ See below for the ride!!

I am sad that they are going home next wkend...

Have a giggly day!

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