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In Loving Memory of my Pawpaw Haire, he passed away on this day in 1968

Our babies are gone home...Momma & Daddy took them half way on Saturday. My brother and sister-in-law were already at the hotel waiting on them. I know they were verra excited to see them! We sure enjoyed having them all summer and can't wait to see them again SOON!!!!! Love you Taylor and Mikayla (and Dad and Mom!!!)
We go out and about on Saturday, we went to Target, Petco and Wally World (I HATE that store!!!) We had Mexican for lunch that was okay, we have had LOTS better! We came home and took showers and snuggled down for a nap...Which I did not sleep! We played on our computers, watched BB7 live feed and watched TV...It was a nice Saturday night.
Sunday Lovie sleep till 11am...He had stayed up alot later than I did! Around 3pm we went back to bed for a nap...AGAIN I did not sleep, I read my book. Lovie got up around 5pm and cooked a tenderloin, rice & gravy and macaroni...yum!
We settled in to watch Big Brother All Stars...The cable had a PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was blinking and scrambling and no sound! Then it just went to the flea races!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were so mad we could has shit frissbee's!!! We had been watching the live feeds and KNEW what was coming, just wanted to see how CBS edited it!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! But LUCKILY the last ten minutes were on!!!!! Gotta LOVE BB!!!! Well my soap is coming on, have a giggly day!!!!

Oh yeah...You thought they were sincere the other day didn't you?..... Ahw...that's cute!

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