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I updated my page, my incredimail, my cursor and my desktop! Notice my countdown to my birthday (below next to my calendar) and that is why!!!!! I expect singing on my day!!!!!!
BB7 doesn't come on till 8 pm tonight...The live feed has FLAMES on! GRRRRRRRrrr!!! Will keeps getting in trouble! He sing, FLAMES, he talks about the contracts, FLAMES, he talks about celebrities, FLAMES!!! Or you just hear "Will STOP THAT!!" What a brat!
Lovie cooked himself dirty rice and I will be having PBNJ (Peanut Butter and Jelly) I will be in bed early tonight, I have my last surgery in the morning!! YAHOOOO!!!!!! Have a giggly night and check out my desktop!!! You can't see my cursor, but it is a cup cake with pink icing with a candle!! hehe!

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  1. It's almost your Birthday!!!!! Start the singing now :)


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